Our pillars are
our heartbeat

People are the pulse of our organisation, and every one of us ensures the following pillars are put into practice every single day.

Good People

Integrity is the foundation of our business. We deliver on promises and stand by our decisions. Our company embraces a family spirit where we work hard to support each other in an open, honest environment.

Technically Driven

We have the best technical team in New Zealand and access to the latest technology, product developments and global trends, which position our people at the forefront of the oil and lubricant industry.

Think Smarter

We’re adventurous in our thinking and expect creativity and innovation in our work. We don’t shy away from challenges – we relish them.

Problem Solvers

We’re dedicated to finding solutions. Asking the right questions, being proactive and front footing issues means we can effectively and quickly solve challenges our customers face.


By hiring the right people who are experts in their fields, we’ve earned ourselves the reputation of being the go-to company for advice in the oil and lubricant industry.

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Tech Support

Tech Support