OEM Partnerships

Lubricant manufacturers must stay ahead of improving technology in the Automotive Sector, while adjusting to international specifications in order to meet commercial requirements. To this end, TotalEnergies are proud to have built strong partnerships with international & local automotive manufacturers. This partnership is a sign of trust in our quality, services, and customer care.

TotalEnergies has the capacity to develop new products as per Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) recommendations through an international or local technical collaboration. Our unmatched value proposition makes us the preferred partner in this segment.

TotalEnergies and Kia: The Alliance of Skills

TotalEnergies and Kia Motors Corporation have been partners since 2011: under the terms of the agreement, TotalEnergies will be Kia Motors Corporation’s recommended partner for the sale of lubricants across all Kia’s after sales service networks in participating countries.

“For the past 5 years, Total has demonstrated that it has the worldwide coverage, strong marketing capabilities and high-quality lubricant technology to meet the needs of our Networks. Total will be a key partner for us in our global aftermarket strategy to enhance Kia customer and dealer satisfaction”, commented Steven Yoon, Vice President Overseas Service Division at Kia Motors Corp.

Nissan and TotalEnergies, Partners in Innovation

Nissan and TotalEnergies have successfully built a global partnership through continuous innovation over the last 10 years. This has been mutually beneficial to both companies, having pooled their expertise in technology, marketing initiatives and in motorsports competition on race circuits around the world.

NISSAN Genuine Oil designed by TotalEnergies

Nissan Genuine Oils are the products born of this strong partnership and collaboration. Using TotalEnergies’ expertise, Nissan Genuine Oils are technologically advanced lubricants which are specifically designed to maximize the power and performance of Nissan vehicles. Nissan Motor Oils are approved and recommended by Nissan for all petrol and diesel engines. Nissan Motor Oils are high-quality products with an optimized viscosity to reduce friction whilst maintaining protection against wear at low start-up temperatures. Top performance and protection are maintained throughout the lifespan of the engine.

TotalEnergies: Exclusive Partner of Mazda

TotalEnergies and Mazda have been partners since 2003. Since the beginning of this partnership, the engines protected by Mazda lubricants developed by TotalEnergies have driven more than 140 billion kilometers. In the framework of this partnership, the TotalEnergies research teams have developed a lubricants range that perfectly matches Mazda’s technical requirements to improve the energy performance of its vehicles. The engine and transmission oils sold through the Mazda network benefit from the latest technologies in terms of both engine protection and emission reduction.

Peugeot and TotalEnergies – Another Road to the Future

Peugeot and TotalEnergies are sharing passion for innovation. PEUGEOT and TotalEnergies have been working together for over twenty years to contribute to research, innovation, performance, and fuel efficiency, as well as teamwork and shared experiences. Innovate to enhance performances, reduce CO2 emissions and protect your engine are the main objectives of the lubricants created by TotalEnergies and Peugeot. We have been working hand in hand to develop the best engine oil for your car.

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