Wanderers Sports Club major sponsor: Total Oil re-signs for 2020/21

After a successful partnership in 2019 as a major sponsor, Total Oil NZ is excited to announce a re-sign with Wanderers Sports Club (WSC) for 2020/21.

With a relationship tracking back to 2014, Total Oil NZ is motivated to develop the strength and vibrancy of WSC, to benefit the Brightwater, Nelson, and Tasman communities. With both Total Oil NZ and WSC having values deeply rooted in the New Zealand rural community – a sponsorship collaboration really makes sense.

The mission statement of the WSC is to “create an environment that promotes education, health, and wellbeing in the community, through activate participation and sport and recreation for all ages and abilities”. “We want to have a happier and healthier community” says WSC Director of Sports Marty Davis, “5 weeks ago we started a movement and mobility class for senior citizens – it’s amazing to see how much it has grown. We put on tea and coffee afterwards – it’s a great social activity, especially for those living alone. They turn up with big smiles – it’s all about engagement and having fun”.

The WSC has a number of kiwi-favourite codes, including rugby, cricket, squash, netball, and their very own Wanderers Gym. “It’s for the community, for the people” adds Marty.

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