The Roads to Carbon Neutral

The Roads to Carbon Neutral

Total plans to deliver net zero carbon emissions across its activities in the next three decades, helping to meet surging global demand for energy in a responsible and sustainable way. In this series, we shine a spotlight on Total’s plans to significantly increase its production and sale of renewable electricity, its continued development of gas and renewable gas, as well as how it is supporting innovation to improve our ability to detect and capture emissions. To find out more about how Total is playing a leading role in delivering clean, reliable, and affordable energy, take a look at our features here.

Episode 1 – The Climate Issue

The scale of today’s climate challenge makes for stark reading. The past five years have been the warmest on record, while 2020 saw the highest ever recorded level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. With our demand for energy expected to increase significantly by 2050 as the global population approaches 10 billion, the challenge of providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy is one we must address — and urgently.

“the challenge is both to produce energy with less carbon and to help our customers to change the way they’re consuming energy.”
Mathieu Soulas, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Climate at Total

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Episode 2 – On the Move

We are in the midst of a transportation revolution, one that is already transforming existing approaches to our roads, seas, and skies. New technologies and consumer trends are changing the very nature of mobility. Electric, autonomous, and shared vehicles are evolving our relationship with the car, whilst everything from micromobility and flying taxis to hyperloops could soon be the new norm. As this revolution gathers pace, we must adapt to ensure that our growing demand for mobility is met in a sustainable way. With transportation currently representing one of the fastest-growing sources of emissions, reducing its environmental impact is key to addressing today’s climate challenge.

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Episode 3 – The Power of the Sun

The sun is without a doubt our most abundant source of energy. In just 90 minutes, enough sunlight strikes the earth’s surface to meet the world’s total energy consumption for a full year. And with such levels of solar radiation expected to continue long into the future, harnessing the potential of solar power promises to be a game-changer in our efforts to deliver secure and sustainable energy.

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